Research Database

This is an edited bibliography of books and articles on the themes and countries featured in the Rising Powers Initiative. It has been compiled by our research staff and is frequently updated with the latest and most relevant academic and policy publications on the worldviews and identities of aspiring Asian powers and their foreign policy debates; U.S. foreign policy toward the region; energy security and maritime strategies in the Indo-Pacific; and nuclear debates in Asia.

To use this database, select your country or topic of interest from the list on the left, then click “filter.” The resulting bibliography can be printed or shared, using the buttons on the upper right-hand corner. Under each bibliographic entry, click on “Summary/Abstract” for the publisher’s summary of the book or the journal article’s abstract.

You can also specify your search more narrowly, by choosing a combination of countries and/or topics, as well as publication year and type. To see the entire database, click on “view all.”

We hope this facilitates your own research on rising powers in Asia, and we welcome your feedback and suggestions.