China is at a series of junctures in its economic, social, political, environmental, and foreign policy realms. As the ruling party for over 60 years, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) finds itself at a turning point, faced with numerous challenges on the road ahead. In a lecture entitled “China at the Crossroads? Reform Challenges Ahead,” held at the Sigur Center for Asian Studies in April 2015, David Shambaugh, professor of political science and international affairs at the George Washington University, argued that diminishing returns have set in in a number of main areas of reform that China has enjoyed and benefited from over the last 35 years. These diminishing returns set in beginning around 2005 when the CCP started discussing a new wave of reforms. What are the issues the CCP faces in order to retain legitimacy? Ten reform challenges exist in China today, which, if not appropriately addressed, may cause the country to stagnate and lose momentum of growth.

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