Articles & Books

deepa_ollapally 10/2014- Identity and Strategy in India’s Asia-Pacific Policy, by Deepa M. Ollapally in Asia’s Slippery Slope: Triangular Tensions, Identity Gaps, Conflicting Regionalism, and Diplomatic Impasse toward North Korea, edited by Gilbert Rozman, 135-149. Washington, DC, Korea Economic Institute of America, 2014.


orbis07/2014- China and India: Economic Ties and Strategic Rivalry, by Deepa Ollapally in Orbis: A Journal of World Affairs (Summer 2014)



07/2014- China and America: The Great Divergence? by Robert Sutter in Orbis: A Journal of World Affairs (Summer 2014)


06/2014- RPI Nuclear Debates in Asia Digest: Cooperation Expands Between Iran and Asian Powers as Nuclear Talks Continue, by Samia Basille


skdy05/2014- RPI Policy Report: Rebooting the U.S. Rebalance to Asia


worldviews 02/2014- Worldviews of Aspiring Powers: Domestic Foreign Policy Debates in China, India, Iran, Japan, and Russia


02/2014- RPI Nuclear Debates in Asia Digest: Asian Powers Wrestle Over Nuclear Security in Asia, by Timothy Westmyer


12/2013- RPI Nuclear Debates in Asia Digest: Asian Powers React to Iran-P5+1 Nuclear Deal, by Timothy Westmyer


PolicyReport_Aug2013_BalancingActs08/2013- RPI Policy Report- Balancing Acts: The U.S. Rebalance and Asia-Pacific Stability


PolicyReport_Aug2013_JapanGlobalPower08/2013- RPI Policy Report- Japan as a Global Power: Contending Views from Japan, by Henry R. Nau, Richard J. Samuels, and Timothy Westmyer


IS cover07/2013- Introductory Overview : Identity and Asian Powers: What Does it Mean for International Relations of Asia and Beyond? by Mike Mochizuki and Deepa Ollapally in International Studies


IS cover07/2013- India: The Ambivalent Power in Asia by Deepa Ollapaly in International Studies


IS cover07/2013- It Should Not Only Be about Nationalism: China’s Pluralistic National Identity and Its Implications for Chinese Foreign Relations by Allen Carlson in International Studies


IS cover07/2013- Japan’s Dual Security Identity: A Non-combat Military Role as an Enabler of Coexistence by Isao Miyaoka in International Studies


howrussiaseestheworld05/2013- RPI Policy Report- How Russia Sees the World: Domestic Foreign Policy Debates, by Henry R. Nau and Cory Welt



04/2013- Nuclear Debates in Asia Digest: What to Do with Nuclear Waste? Domestic Debates in Japan and South Korea, by Timothy Westmyer


04/2013- RPI Nuclear Debates in Asia Digest: China’s Nuclear Energy Technology Sales to Pakistan, by Timothy Westmyer



03/2013- Nuclear Debates in Asia Digest: India Eyes Membership Debate at Nuclear Suppliers Group, by Timothy Westmyer



02/2013- Nuclear Debates in Asia Digest: South Korea – New Government, Old Nuclear Debates, by Timothy Westmyer


02/2013- RPI Policy Report- China as a Global Power: Understanding Beijing’s Competing Identities, by David Shambaugh


08/2012- RPI Conference Report: National Identities of Asian Powers and Prospects for Regional Cooperation, by Amy Hsieh


03/2012- RPI Policy Report- India as a Global Power: Contending Worldviews from India, by Henry Nau and Richard Fontaine


02/2012- A China Policy Primer for Xi Jinping’s Visit, by Daniel Twining in Foreign Policy


02/2012- Ten Questions for China’s Heir Presumptive, by David Shambaugh in the New York Times


03/2011- Conference Report on Identity and Asian Powers, by the Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies


03/2011- The Pragmatic Challenge to Indian Foreign Policy by Deepa Ollapally and Rajesh Rajagopalan in The Washington Quarterly


02/2011- Coping with a Conflicted China by David Shambaugh in The Washington Quarterly


11/2010- Engaging India In A Global Partnership, interview with Amb. Karl F. Inderfurth by the East-West Center


10/2010- Senkakus- China Over-reached, interview with Mike Mochizuki in The Oriental Economist


01/2010- A Proposed Compromise on Futenama- The Unnecessary Crisis by Mike Mochizuki and Michael O’Hanlon, The Oriental Economist


12/2009 – Okinawa Air Base in Focus by Mike Mochizuki and Michael O’Hanlon, Washington Times