The project components of the second phase (2011-2013) of the Worldviews project are as follows:

  • International Conferences

    The RPI will hold four international conferences in Washington, DC. The conferences will feature debates and structured Q & A sessions involving proponents of different foreign policy schools from the target country and the United States.

  • Policy Reports

    Following each international conference, a Policy Report based on the conference will be produced and disseminated to policy analysts, government officials, academics and journalists in each of the countries and in the United States. The Report will offer extended analysis of the conference discussions and focus on implications for U.S. foreign policy

  • Policy Alerts

    In Fall 2010, the RPI began compiling Policy Alerts, which inform U.S. policymakers and media professionals of the ongoing debates in China, India, Japan and Russia on current issues and events relevant to American foreign policy. These are now sent out on a fortnightly basis.

    • Read the latest Policy Alerts here.

  • Visiting Scholars

    The Sigur Center will host one Visiting Scholar per country from the four countries for a period of one month over two years at GWU for comparative research and writing on issues such as: how do our foreign policy schools of thought translate across the countries? What patterns are discernible in shifts in thinking across countries? What are comparative perspectives on critical cross national issues such as nuclear nonproliferation and energy security? Each Visiting Scholar would work in consultation with our country experts in the project to produce a Policy Brief. They will also be a resource for students, faculty and other experts in the area. We will try to draw these experts from the group involved in the International Conferences in DC.

  • Rising Powers Course

    We will offer a course related to Rising and Aspiring Powers each year at the George Washington University.

  • Edited Volume

    A major product of this project will be an edited volume manuscript on energy, maritime security and nuclear power in Asia and U.S. strategic implications. Country studies will include China, India, Japan, Russia and South Korea. The tentative book title is: The Asian Energy Security Complex: Maritime Security, Nuclear Energy and Nonproliferation and US Policy Implications (2013)

  • Web-Based Resources

    The RPI will re-vamp and integrate its existing website and blog to enhance the Worldviews project with a coordinated web presence, incorporating data and publications from other related projects under the Rising Powers Initiative. In addition, the research database will be updated regularly to provide user-friendly access to scholarly and policy relevant articles and books on aspiring powers.