Policy Commentaries

adiz212/2013- The ADIZ imbroglio: A Chinese View, by Ren Xiao, Director, Center for the Study of Chinese Foreign Policy, Fudan University


South China Sea Protests 03/2012- Conflict Over the South China Sea: Identity Politics Meets History, by Shawn McHale, Associate Professor of History


01/2012- The Korea-U.S. Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA): U.S. Perspective by Yoon-shik Park, Professor of International Finance, the George Washington University


05/2011- Caging the Dragon? Asian Regional Integration and the United States by Brad Glosserman, Executive Director, Pacific Forum CSIS (Honolulu, Hawaii)


01/2011- Re-Examining Nationality in Aging Asia- Insights from Japan and South Korea by Aizawa Nobuhiro, Institute for Developing Economies, Japan


06/2010- Confucius Institutes: China’s Soft Power? by Ren Zhe, Hokkaido University, Japan


03/2010- China-ASEAN Agreement is Nucleus of Economic Integration in Asia by Jiawen Yang, Elliott School of International Affairs


02/2010- Indo-ASEAN Agreement Boosts India’s Image by Amita Batra, Jawaharlal Nehru University