Policy Alerts

POLICY ALERTS of the Rising Powers Initiative inform U.S. policymakers and media professionals of the ongoing debates in China, India, Japan and Russia on current issues and events relevant to American foreign policy.



11/2014- Policy Alert # 88: Asian Powers Discuss Their Foreign Policies Post Regional Summits



11/2014- Policy Alert # 87: Asian Powers Comment on the 2014 APEC Summit


policyalert_86_Rousseff10/2014- Policy Alert #86: Brazil’s Presidential Elections and Reactions from Rising Powers



10/2014- Policy Alert #85: Hong Kong Protests Spark Reactions from Rising Powers



09/2014- Policy Alert #84: Rising Powers React to U.S. Fight against Islamic State



09/2014- Policy Alert #83: India-Japan New Strategic Partnership Prompts Reactions from Asian Powers


policyalert_82_ebola08/2014- Policy Alert #82: Ebola Outbreak Spurs Reactions from Rising Powers



08/2014- Policy Alert #81: Rising Powers Respond to Israel-Palestine Conflict



07/2014- Policy Alert #80: Rising Powers Comment on 6th BRICS Summit



07/2014- Policy Alert #79: Rising Powers Respond to Winning and Losing at the World Cup



06/2014- Policy Alert #78: Asian Powers Respond to Crisis in Iraq



06/2014- Policy Alert #77: Rising Powers Respond to Corruption and Kickoff of 2014 World Cup


policyalert7605/2014- Policy Alert #76: Asian Powers Respond to India’s Election Results


southchinasea05/2014- Policy Alert #75: Asian Powers Voice Concerns over Heightened Tensions in South China Sea


policyalert_74_obamatriptoasia04/2014- Policy Alert #74: Asian Powers Re-Assess U.S. “Rebalance” as President Obama Travels the Region



04/2014- Policy Alert #73: Rising Powers React to Nuclear Security Summit


policyalert_72_crimea 203/2014- Policy Alert #72: Rising Powers Respond to Crimea Crisis



03/2014- Policy Alert #71: Ukraine Crisis Sparks Reactions from Rising Powers



02/2014- Policy Alert #70: Rising Powers Celebrate as Curtain Falls on Sochi Olympics



02/2014- Policy Alert #69: Rising Powers Celebrate the Opening of Sochi Olympics



sochi olympics01/2014- Policy Alert # 68: Rising Powers Respond to Security Concerns at Upcoming Sochi Winter Olympics


policy alert 67

01/2014- Policy Alert #67: Rising Powers Assess 2013 and Give Expectations for 2014



policyalert6612/2013- Policy Alert #66: Rising Powers Mourn the Death of Nelson Mandela


policyalert6512/2013- Policy Alert #65: China’s New Air Defense Zone Triggers Flurry of Activity from Asian Powers


policyalert6411/2013- Policy Alert #64: India’s Mars Mission Sparks Reactions from BRIC Countries


policyalert6311/2013- Policy Alert #63: NSA Spying Provokes Reactions from Rising Powers


10/2013- Policy Alert #62:policyalert62 Asian Powers Re-Assess Roles in the Face of Declining U.S. Leadership


policyalert6110/2013- Policy Alert #61: U.S. Government Shutdown Provokes Reactions in Asia


policyalert6009/2013- Policy Alert #60: U.S.-Russia Agreement on Syria’s Chemical Weapons Spark Reaction in Asia


policyalert5909/2013- Policy Alert #59: Asian Powers Respond to Potential Military Action in Syria


policyalert5808/2013- Policy Alert #58: Launch of Indigenous Indian Aircraft Carrier Prompts Reactions from Asian Powers


policyalert5708/2013- Policy Alert #57: Asian Powers Reflect on 60th Anniversary of Korean War Armistice


policyalert5607/2013- Policy Alert #56: Zimmerman Verdict Prompts Commentary in Asia on Race Relations in the U.S.


policyalert5507/2013- Policy Alert #55: Asian Powers Comment on Turmoil in Egypt: 2011 Versus Now



06/2013- Policy Alert #54:Disclosures on U.S. Surveillance Prompt Reactions from Asian Powers


policyalert5306/2013- Policy Alert #53: Asian Powers Comment on Shangri-La Dialogue


policyalert5205/2013- Policy Alert #52: Shinzo Abe’s Foreign Policy and Reactions from Asian Powers


policyalert5105/2013- Policy Alert #51: India and China Assess Ties as Border Dispute Raises Tensions Ahead of High-Level Visits


policyalert5004/2013- Policy Alert #50: Boston Marathon Bombings Elicit Mixed Reactions from Asian Powers


04/2013- Policy Alert #49: Rising Powers in Asia Express Divergent Views on Future of BRICS Group


03/2013- Policy Alert #48: Lessons from Cyprus:  Rising Powers Comment on the Bank Bailout and Financial Globalization


03/2013- Policy Alert #47: Asian Powers React to Hugo Chavez’s Death


02/2013- Policy Alert #46: Asian Powers Comment on the Pope’s Resignation


02/2013- Policy Alert #45: Asian Powers Comment on French Intervention in Mali


01/2013- Policy Alert #44: Heightened Tensions in the East China Sea: Reactions from China and Japan


01/2013- Policy Alert #43: Asian Powers Expect South Korea’s New President to Improve Bilateral Relations


12/2012- Policy Alert #42: Return of Japan’s LDP and Shinzo Abe Draws Mixed Reactions from Asian Powers


12/2012- Policy Alert #41: As U.S. Fiscal Cliff Looms, Asian Powers Keep a Close Watch


11/2012- Policy Alert #40: Burma and the U.S. Pivot to Asia: Commentary from Asian Powers


11/2012- Policy Alert #39: With Obama’s Re-election, Asian Powers Ponder Future Relations with US (Part III)


10/2012- Policy Alert #38: US Presidential Election and Views from Asian Powers (Part II)


10/2012- Policy Alert #37: First US Presidential Debate Evokes Reflections from Asian Powers (Part I)


09/2012- Policy Alert #36: Island Disputes and Economic Fallout: Views from Japan and China


09/2012- Policy Alert #35: Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) Summit Draws Reactions from India, Russia, and China


08/2012- Policy Alert #34: Rising Tensions in Northeast Asia: Views from China, Japan, and South Korea on Territorial Disputes


08/2012- Policy Alert #33: Sentiments from Asia’s Rising Powers on Winning & Losing at the Olympics


07/2012- Policy Alert #32: China’s Economic “Soft Landing”? Views from China and the United States


07/2012- Policy Alert #31: Asian Powers React to Territorial Disputes at ASEAN Forum


06/2012- Policy Alert # 30: Reflections on the G20 Summit from China, India, and Russia


06/2012- Policy Alert #29: U.S.-India Strategic Dialogue: Views from the Indian Media


05/2012- Policy Alert #28: The NATO Summit and Afghanistan’s Future: Comments from Russia, India and China


05/2012- Policy Alert #27: Blind Chinese Activist Chen Guangcheng’s Case: Views from China and India


Rising Powers Initiative Policy Alert #2604/2012- Policy Alert #26: North Korea’s Failed Rocket Launch Draws Reactions from Asian Powers


Rising Powers Initiative Policy Alert #2504/2012- Policy Alert #25: Asia’s Rising Powers at the BRICS Summit


Rising Powers Initiative Policy Alert #2403/2012- Policy Alert #24: China’s Military Budget Increase Draws Responses from Asian Powers


03/2012- Policy Alert #23: Asian Powers Assess Putin’s Electoral Victory


Policy Alert 22- India Ponders Response to Bomb Plot in New Delhi02/2012- Policy Alert #22: India Ponders Response to Bomb Plot in New Delhi


Policy Alert #21- Turmoil in Syria: Chinese and Russian Views02/2012- Policy Alert #21: Turmoil in Syria: Chinese and Russian Views


01/2012- Policy Alert #20: Indian Views on a Nuclear Armed Iran


Taiwan's Elections and Reactions from Asian Powers01/2012- Policy Alert #19: Taiwan’s Elections and Reactions from Asian Powers




12/2011- Policy Alert #18: Kim Jong-il’s Death Draws Major Reactions in Asia


12/2011- Policy Alert #17: China and India React to Secretary Clinton’s Visit to Burma/Myanmar


11/2011- Policy Alert #16: The U.S. “Pivots” Back to Asia. How are the Region’s Major Powers Reacting?


11/2011- Policy Alert #15: Asian Powers Comment on U.S. Plans for Asia-Pacific Economic Integration


10/2011- Policy Alert #14: Asian Reactions to Gaddafi’s Death


10/2011- Policy Alert #13: Do Asians See a Role in Solving the Eurozone Crisis?


09/2011- Policy Alert #12: Chinese Reactions to U.S. Arms Sales to Taiwan


09/2011- Policy Alert #11: 10 Years After 9/11: What Key Asian States are Saying


07/2011- Policy Alert #10: The U.S. Debt Impasse and Views from Greater Asia


06/2011- Policy Alert #9: Asian Views on the Next IMF Chief


05/2011- Policy Alert #8: Reactions to Bin Laden’s Death


03/2011- Policy Alert #7: Military Intervention in Libya


02/2011- Policy Alert #6: Views from Asia on Turmoil in Egypt


02/2011- Policy Alert #5: Iranian Viewpoints on Istanbul Nuclear Talks


01/2011- Policy Alert #4: Chinese Views on President Hu Jintao’s Visit to U.S.


12/2010- Policy Alert #3: Tensions on the Korean Peninsula- Chinese, Japanese and Russian Views on the Crisis


11/2010- Policy Alert #2: Weak Japanese Leadership Prompts Calls for Stronger Ties with United States


11/2010- Policy Alert #1: Obama’s Visit to India