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09/2014- Policy Alert #84: Rising Powers React to U.S. Fight against Islamic State



09/2014- Policy Alert #83: India-Japan New Strategic Partnership Prompts Reactions from Asian Powers



08/2014- Policy Alert #82: Ebola Outbreak Spurs Reactions from Rising Powers



08/2014- Policy Alert #81: Rising Powers Respond to Israel-Palestine Conflict



07/2014- Policy Alert #80: Rising Powers Comment on 6th BRICS Summit


orbis07/2014- China and India: Economic Ties and Strategic Rivalry, by Deepa Ollapally in Orbis


orbis07/2014- China and America: The Great Divergence? by Robert Sutter in Orbis


policyalert_worldcup207/2014- Policy Alert #79: Rising Powers Respond to Winning and Losing at the World Cup


06/2014- Policy Alert #78: Asian Powers Respond to Crisis in Iraqpolicyalert_78_iraq


policyalert_77_worldcup06/2014- Policy Alert #77: Rising Powers Respond to Corruption and Kickoff of 2014 World Cup


06/2014- RPI Nuclear Debates in Asia Digest: Cooperation Expands Between Iran and Asian Powers as Nuclear Talks Continue, by Samia Basille


skdy05/2014- RPI Policy Report: Rebooting the U.S. Rebalance to Asia


policyalert7605/2014- Policy Alert #76: Asian Powers Respond to India’s Election Results


southchinasea05/2014- Policy Alert # 75: Asian Powers Voice Concerns over Heightened Tensions in South China Sea



04/2014- Policy Alert # 74: Asian Powers Re-Assess U.S. “Rebalance” as President Obama Travels the Region


policyalert7304/2014- Policy Alert # 73: Rising Powers React to Nuclear Security Summit


policyalert_72_crimea 203/2014- Policy Alert # 72: Rising Powers Respond to Crimea Crisis



03/2014- Policy Alert # 71: Ukraine Crisis Sparks Reactions from Rising Powers



02/2014- Policy Alert # 70: Rising Powers Celebrate as Curtain Falls on Sochi Olympics


policyalert_SochiOlympics202/2014- Policy Alert # 69: Rising Powers Celebrate the Opening of Sochi Olympics


sochi olympics01/2014- Policy Alert # 68: Rising Powers Respond to Security Concerns at Upcoming Sochi Winter Olympics


policy alert 6701/2014- Policy Alert # 67: Rising Powers Assess 2013 and Give Expectations for 2014



policyalert6612/2013- Policy Alert # 66: Rising Powers Mourn the Death of Nelson Mandela


policyalert6512/2013- Policy Alert # 65: China’s New Air Defense Zone Triggers Flurry of Activity from Asian Powers


policyalert6411/2013- Policy Alert # 64: India’s Mars Mission Sparks Reactions from BRIC Countries


policyalert6311/2013- Policy Alert # 63: NSA Spying Provokes Reactions from Rising Powers


pussyriot110/2013- Policy Brief:  U.S.-Russia Relations Back from the Brink


Tokyo-Night-Photography10/2013- Policy Brief: Japan Debates the Right to Collective Self-Defense


10/2013- Policy Alert # 62:policyalert62 Asian Powers Re-Assess Roles in the Face of Declining U.S. Leadership


policyalert6110/2013- Policy Alert # 61: U.S. Government Shutdown Provokes Reactions in Asia


policyalert6009/2013- Policy Alert # 60: U.S.-Russia Agreement on Syria’s Chemical Weapons Spark Reaction in Asia


policyalert5909/2013- Policy Alert #59: Asian Powers Respond to Potential Military Action in Syria


pakistanflag09/2013- Policy Brief: How the Pakistan Military Learned to Love the Bomb


PolicyReport_Aug2013_BalancingActs08/2013- RPI Policy Report- Balancing Acts: The U.S. Rebalance and Asia-Pacific Stability


policyalert5808/2013- Policy Alert #58: Launch of Indigenous Indian Aircraft Carrier Prompts Reactions from Asian Powers


policyalert5708/2013- Policy Alert #57: Asian Powers Reflect on 60th Anniversary of Korean War Armistice


PolicyReport_Aug2013_JapanGlobalPower08/2013- RPI Policy Report- Japan as a Global Power: Contending Views from Japan


pbchina_left08/2013-Policy Brief: China’s Energy Outlook and the Shale Revolution: New Actors and Competing Interests


policyalert5607/2013- Policy Alert #56: Zimmerman Verdict Prompts Commentary in Asia on Race Relations in the U.S.


07/2013- Policy Brief: Japan as a Global Power: Contending Views from Japanpolicybrief_jul2013


policyalert5507/2013- Policy Alert #55: Asian Powers Comment on Turmoil in Egypt: 2011 Versus Now


india-globe07/2013- Policy Brief: Indian Debates on America’s Rebalance to Asia


policyalert5406/2013- Policy Alert #54:Disclosures on U.S. Surveillance Prompt Reactions from Asian Powers


policyalert5306/2013- Policy Alert #53: Asian Powers Comment on Shangri-La Dialogue


policyalert5205/2013- Policy Alert #52: Shinzo Abe’s Foreign Policy and Reactions from Asian Powers


howrussiaseestheworld05/2013- RPI Policy Report- How Russia Sees the World: Domestic Foreign Policy Debates, by Henry R. Nau and Cory Welt


policyalert5105/2013- Policy Alert #51: India and China Assess Ties as Border Dispute Raises Tensions Ahead of High-Level Visits


asiareport_may20135/2013- Asia Report: Examining Violence Against Women in India: Changes, Challenges, and Futures


asiareport_mar20134/2013- Asia Report: China’s Twin Paradoxes: Rapid Growth and Rising Corruption


policyalert5004/2013- Policy Alert #50: Boston Marathon Bombings Elicit Mixed Reactions from Asian Powers


04/2013- Policy Alert #49: Rising Powers in Asia Express Divergent Views on Future of BRICS Group


04/2013- Nuclear Debates in Asia Digest: China’s Nuclear Energy Technology Sales to Pakistan


4/2013- Policy Brief: Russia as a Global Power: Contending Views from Russia


03/2013- Policy Alert #48: Lessons from Cyprus: Rising Powers Comment on the Bank Bailout and Financial Globalization


03/2013- Policy Alert #47: Asian Powers React to Hugo Chavez’s Death


02/2013- Policy Alert #46: Asian Powers Comment on the Pope’s Resignation


02/2013- Policy Alert #45: Asian Powers Comment on French Intervention in Mali


02/2013- Policy Report: China as a Global Power: Understanding Beijing’s Competing Identities


01/2013- Policy Brief: Japan’s Shifting Strategic Discourse


01/2013- Policy Alert #44: Heightened Tensions in East China Sea: Reactions from China and Japan


01/2013- Policy Alert #43: Asian Powers Expect South Korea’s New President to Improve Bilateral Relations


12/2012- Policy Alert #42: Return of Japan’s LDP and Shinzo Abe Draws Mixed Reactions from Asian Powers


12/2012- Policy Alert #41: As U.S. Fiscal Cliff Looms, Asian Powers Keep a Close Watch


12/2012-Policy Brief: China as a Global Power: Contending Views from China


11/2012- Policy Alert #40: Burma and the U.S. Pivot to Asia: Commentary from Asian Powers


11/2012- Policy Alert #39: With Obama’s Re-election, Asian Powers Ponder Future Relations with US (Part III)


11/2012- Policy Brief: The Rocky Road Ahead in U.S.-China Relations


10/2012- Policy Alert #38: US Presidential Election and Views from Asian Powers (Part II)


10/2012- Policy Alert #37: First US Presidential Debate Evokes Reflections from Asian Powers


09/2012- Policy Alert #36: Island Disputes and Economic Fallout: Views from Japan and China


09/2012- Policy Alert #35: Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) Summit Draws Reactions from India, Russia, and China


08/2012- Policy Alert #34: Rising Tensions in Northeast Asia: Views from China, Japan, and South Korea on Territorial Disputes


08/2012- Policy Alert #33: Sentiments from Asia’s Rising Powers on Winning & Losing at the Olympics


08/2012- RPI Conference Report: National Identities of Asian Powers and Prospects for Regional Cooperation, by Amy Hsieh


07/2012- Policy Alert #32: China’s Economic “Soft Landing”? Views from China and the United States


07/2012- Policy Alert #31: Asian Powers React to Territorial Disputes at ASEAN Forum


06/2012- Policy Alert # 30: Reflections on the G20 Summit from China, India, and Russia


06/2012- Policy Alert #29: U.S.-India Strategic Dialogue: Views from the Indian Media


05/2012- Policy Alert #28: The NATO Summit and Afghanistan’s Future: Comments from Russia, India and China


05/2012- Policy Alert #27: Blind Chinese Activist Chen Guangcheng’s Case: Views from China and India


05/2012- Policy Brief: Asia Identities and Their Implications for U.S. Foreign Policy


Rising Powers Initiative Policy Alert #2604/2012- Policy Alert #26: North Korea’s Failed Rocket Launch Draws Reactions from Asian Powers


04/2012- Policy Brief- ASEAN and Burma/Myanmar: Past and Prologue


Rising Powers Initiative Policy Alert #2504/2012- Policy Alert #25: Asia’s Rising Powers at the BRICS Summit


Rising Powers Initiative Policy Alert #2403/2012- Policy Alert #24: China’s Military Budget Increase Draws Responses from Asian Powers


03/2012- RPI Policy Report- India as a Global Power: Contending Worldviews from India, by Henry Nau and Richard Fontaine


Sudha Mahalingam3/2012- Asia Report: India’s Energy Security Challenges: An Insider’s View


3/2012- Policy Alert #23: Asian Powers Assess Putin’s Electoral Victory


South China Sea Protests03/2012-Policy Commentary:  Conflict Over the South China Sea: Identity Politics Meets History, by Shawn McHale, Associate Professor of History


Policy Alert 22- India Ponders Response to Bomb Plot in New Delhi02/2012- Policy Alert #22: India Ponders Response to Bomb Plot in New Delhi


Policy Alert #21- Turmoil in Syria: Chinese and Russian Views

02/2012- Policy Alert #21: Turmoil in Syria: Chinese and Russian Views


02/2012- Policy Brief: Indian and U.S. Experts Exchange Mixed Views on India as a Global Power


01/2012- Policy Alert #20: Indian Views on a Nuclear Armed Iran


01/2012-Policy Commentary: The Korea-U.S. Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA): U.S. Perspective by Yoon-shik Park, Professor of International Finance, the George Washington University

Taiwan's Elections and Reactions from Asian Powers


01/2012- Policy Alert #19: Taiwan’s Elections and Reactions from Asian Powers


12/2011- Policy Alert #18: Kim Jong-il’s Death Draws Major Reactions in Asia

12/2011- Policy Alert #17: China and India React to Secretary Clinton’s Visit to Burma/Myanmar

11/2011- Policy Alert #16: The U.S. “Pivots” Back to Asia. How are the Region’s Major Powers Reacting?

Governor of Okinawa11/2011- Asia Report: The Okinawa Question and the US-Japan Alliance: Factoring in Japanese Domestic Politics and Debates

11/2011- Policy Alert #15: Asian Powers Comment on U.S. Plans for Asia-Pacific Economic Integration

10/2011- Policy Alert #14: Asian Reactions to Gaddafi’s Death

10/2011- Policy Alert #13: Do Asians See a Role in Solving the Eurozone Crisis?

10/2011- Policy Commentary: Is There a Relationship between Political and Economic Integration?by Nikola Mirilovic, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Central Florida

09/2011- Policy Alert #12: Chinese Reactions to U.S. Arms Sales to Taiwan

09/2011- Policy Alert #11: 10 Years After 9/11: What Key Asian States are Saying

07/2011- Policy Alert #10: The U.S. Debt Impasse and Views from Greater Asia

Japanese Peace Bell06/2011- Asia Report: After the 3/11 Catastrophe: Whither the Japanese Peace State?

06/2011- Policy Alert #9: Asian Views on the Next IMF Chief

05/2011- Policy Commentary: Caging the Dragon? Asian Regional Integration and the United States by Brad Glosserman, Executive Director, Pacific Forum CSIS (Honolulu, Hawaii)

05/2011- Policy Alert #8: Reactions to Bin Laden’s Death

04/2011- Policy Brief: Worldviews of Rising Powers: What Does Their Policy on the Libyan Intervention Tell Us? by Amy Hsieh, PhD Candidate, Department of Political Science, The George Washington University

03/2011- Conference Report on Identity and Asian Powers, by the Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies

03/2011- The Pragmatic Challenge to Indian Foreign Policy by Deepa Ollapally and Rajesh Rajagopalan in The Washington Quarterly

03/2011- Policy Alert #7: Military Intervention in Libya

02/2011- Coping with a Conflicted China by David Shambaugh in The Washington Quarterly

02/2011- Policy Alert #6: Views from Asia on Turmoil in Egypt

02/2011- Policy Alert #5: Iranian Viewpoints on Istanbul Nuclear Talks

02/2011- Policy Brief: Tehran’s Hardliners Effectively Declare Nuclear Talks Dead  by Farideh Farhi, Affiliate Graduate Faculty, University of Hawai’i-Manoa

01/2011- Policy Commentary: Re-Examining Nationality in Aging Asia- Insights from Japan and South Korea by Aizawa Nobuhiro, Institute for Developing Economies, Japan

01/2011- Policy Alert #4: Chinese Views on President Hu Jintao’s Visit to U.S.


12/2010- Policy Alert #3: Tensions on the Korean Peninsula- Chinese, Japanese and Russian Views on the Crisis

12/2010- Policy Brief: Russia’s Foreign Policy Debates: Perspectives on Rising Powers by Anna Lowry, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Political Science, Indiana University – Bloomington

11/2010- Engaging India In A Global Partnership, interview with Amb. Karl F. Inderfurth by the East-West Center

11/2010- Policy Alert #2: Weak Japanese Leadership Prompts Calls for Stronger Ties with United States

11/2010Policy Brief: Back to the Future? A Revival of Realpolitik in Asia and Eurasia by Nikola Mirilovic, Research Associate, Sigur Center for Asian Studies, The George Washington University

11/2010- Policy Alert #1: Obama’s Visit to India

10/2010- Senkakus- China Over-reached, interview with Mike Mochizuki in The Oriental Economist

Regional Cooperation in Asia08/2010- Asia Report: A Comparative Analysis of Identity and Regional Cooperation in Asia

07/2010- Policy Brief: Rising Powers and Domestic Attitudes on Hard Power by Dawn Murphy, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Political Science, The George Washington University

06/2010-Policy Commentary:  Confucius Institutes: China’s Soft Power? by Ren Zhe, Hokkaido University, Japan

03/2010- Policy Commentary: China-ASEAN Agreement is Nucleus of Economic Integration in Asia by Jiawen Yang, Elliott School of International Affairs

03/2010- Policy Brief: Exploring India’s Foreign Policy Debates by Nikola Mirilovic, Research Associate, Sigur Center for Asian Studies, The George Washington University

02/2010- Policy Commentary: Indo-ASEAN Agreement Boosts India’s Image by Amita Batra, Jawaharlal Nehru University

01/2010- A Proposed Compromise on Futenama- The Unnecessary Crisis by Mike Mochizuki and Michael O’Hanlon, The Oriental Economist


12/2009 - Okinawa Air Base in Focus by Mike Mochizuki and Michael O’Hanlon, Washington Times

Obama from a Southeast Asian Perspective11/2009- Asia Report: Obama from a Southeast Asian Perspective