New Oxford Book by RPI Authors Henry R. Nau and Deepa Ollapally

New Oxford Book by RPI Authors Henry R. Nau and Deepa Ollapally

About the Book

Worldviews of Aspiring Powers provides a serious study of the domestic foreign policy debates in five world powers that have gained more influence as the US has weakened: China, Japan, India, Russia and Iran.

Featuring leading regional scholars for each country, the volume identifies the most important domestic schools of thought–Nationalists, Realists, Globalists, Idealists/Exceptionalists–and connects them to the historical and institutional sources that fuel each nation’s foreign policy experience. While scholars have applied this approach to US foreign policy, this book is the first to track the competing schools of foreign policy thought within five of the world’s most important rising powers. Concise and systematic, Worldviews of Aspiring Powers serves as both an essential resource for foreign policy scholars trying to understand international power transitions and as a text for courses that focus on the same.

Acclaim for the Book

“These essays are an innovative effort to identify and explain common themes in the foreign policy thinking and formulation of the world’s most important aspiring powers. An attentive reader will come away with a sharper understanding of both the pace and the direction of global change and the implications of that change for American power abroad.”

– Jim Hoagland, The Washington Post  

“The authors and editors of this volume should be commended for showing readers how the varied histories, religions, and traditions of leading countries inform their approach to world affairs. Policymakers and students alike will find this book essential reading as they struggle to make sense of and make policy in our 21st century world.”

– Walter Russell Mead, Henry A. Kissinger Senior Fellow for U.S. Foreign Policy, Council on Foreign Relations

“The old division of domestic and foreign policy is over. But the emerging foreign policy views of the rising powers are not well understood. I welcome this volume as a serious attempt to explain some of the big new forces reshaping the international system.” 

-Rt. Hon. David Miliband, UK Foreign Secretary 2007-2010   

“This volume is imaginatively conceived and wonderfully executed. Addressing this theme requires a combination of historical scholarship, political judgment, and analytical acuity. The essays in the volume display these qualities in ample measure. There is no volume of comparable scope. It ought to command wide readership.”

– Pratap Bhanu Mehta, President & Chief Executive, Centre for Policy Research 

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