Power & Identity Conference- Beijing, China 2010

Power, Identity and Regional Cooperation in Asia

Beijing Conference, May 19th, 2010

Under the Power and Identity Project, a conference was held on May 19th in Beijing, China that examined the prospects for regional cooperation in Asia.  The conference was co-organized by the Sigur Center for Asian Studies and the China Foreign Affairs University (CFAU). Conference participants addressed the question of how identity issues can lead to conflict or cooperation in the region. Identity issues are usually not studied in comparative cross-national settings. The conference allowed for such original research while simultaneously facilitating the building of links between U.S. and Asia-based scholars.

Prominent conference presenters and discussants included Mike Mochizuki, Gregg Brazinsky, and Deepa Ollapally of the George Washington University, Isao MIYAOKA (Keio University), Professor SONG Wei (School of International Studies, Peking University), and Jong-dae SHIN (University of N. Korean Studies, Seoul), Professor QIN Yaqing, the Executive Vice-President of CFAU, Prof. SU Hao of CFAU, Mr. RONG Ying, Director of South Asian Studies Center and Vice President of China Institute for International Studies (CIIS) and Mr. YANG Bojiang, the Director of the Institute of Japanese Studies, China Institute for Contemporary International Relations (CICIR).